Explorers Quiz

Famous Explorers Quiz

How much do you know about Famous Explorers? Try these Famous Explorer Questions and find out!

Guines Worlds Records

Want to try some beating some weird Guinness Book Of World Records like Sam does in BRAVO ZULU, SAMANTHA! ? Click here to find some really wacky ones.

Quest Crossword

John Hudson and Seth Syms explore a lot of unknown territory. Try going on your own “Quest” with this word search.

Hearts of Iron

To write HEARTS OF IRON, I had to do a lot of research. How much do you know about life in the 1820’s? Click here to find out just how historically smart you are.

Phantoms in the snow

Phantoms in the snow

Noah mentions that he has heard how lovely Italy is. During the Phantoms’ trek across the countryside, check out some of the amazing sights they might have encountered.