What I’m reading

I am always reading books. Are you?

Here are some new books I’ve read and loved:

THE ADVENTURES OF A GIRL CALLED BICYCLE by Christina Uss – When a three-year-old little girl wearing a shirt with the word “Bicycle” on it is found on the doorstep of The Mostly Silent Monastary in Washington DC, the monks and Sister Wanda decide to take the child in and raise her themselves.  Not only does the child love the word “Bicycle” but she loves riding one, too, leading Sister Wanda to name her that.  As Bicycle grows with the silent monks though, Sister Wanda begins to worry about Bicycle’s lack of friends and decides to send Bicycle to The Friendship Factory, where they guarantee each child will make a friend.  But Bicycle has no intention of going.  She wants to make friends with her hero, bicyclist, Zbig, who is holding a rally to bless bicycles in San Francisco.  So she runs away, taking her bicycle, Clunk, with her and riding off to find Zbig.  The adventures she has along the way lead both Bicycle and Sister Wanda to reconsider not only their own relationship but what the true nature of friendship actually entails.  A grand adventure!

THE STORY COLLECTOR: A NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY BOOK by Kristin O’Donnell Tubb –There’s a ghost haunting the New York Public Library and super sleuth and all-around story collector and teller, Viviani, is determined to unmask him.  Viviani has an advantage over her friends, Eva and Merit, who also want to see the ghost because Viviani lives in the library with her two brothers and mother and father, who is the library’s caretaker.  So who better to skirt the darkened halls of the library at night searching for this elusive spirit.  But when a set of valuable stamps go missing from the library, Viviani and her friends must decide if the shadows they’ll confront will truly be dead or maybe even scarier, alive!  Set in the 1920’s and based on real facts, The Story Collector, is a tribute to lovers of books, stories and friendships.

THE BOOK OF BOY by Catherine Gilbert Murdock – Set in 1350 France, The Book of Boy centers around a hunchbacked orphan with an innocent wonder of the world.  When a pilgrim comes to his town and pays Cook to take Boy with him, the adventure begins.  Boy is in awe of the pilgrim, Secundus’s mission to gather the relics of St. Peter. But he also senses that Secundus is not what he seems.  But then, we discover, neither is Boy.  Onward they progress, stealing, lying and tricking their way from town to town until at last they reach Rome.  It’s a whirlwind of narrow escapes, daring deeds and surprising reveals.  I loved it and I think you will, too!