What I’m reading

I am always reading books. Are you?

Here are some new books I’ve read and loved:


THE LAST MAPMAKER by CHRISTINA SOONTORNVAT:  Sai grew up in the Fens, a lowly section of the Kingdom of Mangkon.  But through sheer perseverance, she lands a job with the Master Mapmaker, Saloon.  She loves her job but knows there is the constant threat that she will be discovered as undeserving of it.  When a chance comes to sail with Paloon, to map the Sunderlands, Sai takes it.   And though Sai knows the Sunderlands to be a land of magic and danger, this does not dissuade her.  The story of her travels as she charts unknown territories and learns much is an adventure for the reader as much as it is for Sai.


WINDSWEPT by Margi Preus:  Imagine having to spend your whole day inside!!  In Tag’s world, that is the state of things.  Youngers (children younger than 15) are not allowed to step into the outdoors.   Years ago, Tag’s sisters stepped outside – just for a minute – and the wind swept them away.  They have never been seen since.  Now it’s just Tag and her mom.  But Tag is determined to find out what happened to them and maybe rescue them.  She has been reading banned fairy tales and she knows that heroes can come in all shapes and sizes.  So one day, she does just that.  She finds a way into the outdoors.  There she discovers a band of fellow youngers, all looking for lost siblings.  Together, they will go on a journey that is filled with trolls, witches and fairies.  And it will test Tag’s belief in herself, her courage and her perseverance if she is to prevail.

FREEWATER by Amina Luqman Dawson: This is a book that kept me completely on the edge of my seat.  Twelve-year-old Homer and his little sister Ada have fled their lives as slaves on the plantation Southerland.  Originally with their mother, they are now alone in the swamp, as their mother turned back to rescue Homer’s best friend.  Just when their fear is greatest, a man swoops down from the trees to rescue them – Suleman, a plantation raider.  Suleman takes them to the hidden town of Freewater, where many slaves are living a life of freedom and peace.  But freedom is something that must be guarded fiercely.  And when Freewater is threatened, Homer knows the only way to save it is to return to the plantation and save his mother.  The characters in Freewater feel like friends and so as they all approach danger and possible re-enslavement, you cannot but help turning those pages as fast as you can.  An amazing book!