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About Me

(A bit about me) Some of the things I like are: Christmas, Hanging out with my kids, Hearing from my readers, Hanging out with my husband, Sushi, Laughing until my stomach hurts and….

Kathleen Benner Double

This is a picture of my older daughter and her new husband.  She graduated from Harvard and is getting her PHD in Special Education at the University of Ct..  She helps teachers design programs for kids with autism.

My new son-in-law is an emergency department doctor and an expert in the field of imaging in that environment..

I am so proud of the work these “doctors” both do. They are both super bright (their dinner talk often goes over my head), passionate about learning, and really kind!



This is a picture of my youngest daughter. She is the toughest and most centered woman I know.  She’s run three marathons and is planning on doing three more.  When she’s not running, she works as an EMT, saving lives.  She always makes my day a bit brighter with her amazing sense of humor and her beautiful smile.  I miss her like crazy when she’s not with me. 

This is my mother. My mother used to tape down her bangs when they were wet so they would stay straight when they dried. She often forgot the tape was there. She was a high-powered, highly-paid consultant and taught all three of us from an early age that we could be anything we wanted to be if we worked hard enough

This is my husband. He loves any sport. I think he would watch thumb wrestling if they showed it on TV. He is very smart so I hate playing games with him because he always wins. He is my best friend

This is my father. Because of his genealogical research, the story of The Sacrifice was discovered and written. Here my father holds me by my feet. My father is a jet pilot and an engineer. Only an engineer could figure out this might work with a baby.

This is my sister Lauren. That was her then

This is her now. She actually is a tanker pilot and was the inspiration for my book Pilot Mom which came out in the summer of 2003 from Charlesbridge Publishing.

This is my nephew and his new wife, Chloe.  My nephew is a fighter pilot with the Air National Guard in Portland.

This is my niece. She is the smartest kid I ever met and can read a book faster that I can talk – which is pretty fast.  She has the life I want, traveling the world and writing.  She is super awesome.

This is my sister Mara. She is younger than I am, although most people have to ask, which makes me happy and her mad. She is my soulmate and knows me best of all.

Once when I was forty-two, she caught me talking to myself and making faces during a play. (Talking to yourself is fine when you are eight but not so good when you are forty-two). She thinks this is funny and will not let me forget it. But now I can have the last laugh as this is my website so I can tell you about the time she walked through the Capitol in Washington, DC and did not know that her skirt was hitched up and caught in her pantyhose

This is my uncle. He dressed like a Native American one Thanksgiving to surprise my daughter. She loved it – as you can see. My uncle would do anything you ask of him – as evidenced by this picture!

Here are some of the things I don't like 🙂

Throwing up

Negative people

Being told what to do and how to think

Snow when it gets dirty

My husband when he burps

Cooked spinach

My friends

These are some of my friends. I have been richly blessed in this life with some wonderful ones.

This is my oldest friend. We laugh like crazy when we see each other. Our jokes are too stupid to tell you!

These were my two best friends from Dallas. We were pretty wicked with the two-step!

This is my roomate from college. She is cleaning our room. The Smithsonian has asked for this picture as it was such a rare sight!!!

This friend and I drove around a parking lot seventeen times on the same floor before we realized we had not exited.

I have had a little sis from the program Big Brothers, Big Sisters for over 15 years now.  She works with young kids and is going to college to get her degree!  She was an adorable 7 year-old and is now a grown woman of whom I am very proud! 

Did you ever meet someone for the first time and feel like you’ve really known her all your life? Well, that’s how I feel about this friend. Maybe we were sisters seperated at birth? That would be a good story!

No writer can work alone. You always need someone to tell you what you’ve done wrong.

These fine friends are my best critics!