Projects to do with historical fiction

1.  Pretend you are a book sales rep.  Convince the class why they should buy (or read) the book you’ve                     selected.
2.  Imagine you are the author of a book. Write to a movie producer and convince him or her to make a                   movie of your book. Explain why the story, characters, conflicts, etc., would make a good film.                      Suggest a filming location and which actors might play the various roles.

 3.  Prepare a travel brochure to the place where the book takes place.

4.  Make a timeline of the book’s events and add other events that were happening around the world at                     the same time on your timeline.

5.  Create your own book cover for the book you’ve read.

6.  Design a Facebook page for one of the book’s characters. 

7.  Write a different ending to the book. 

8.  Choose a quote by one of the book’s characters that could be used as a motto and discuss why that                        would be a good motto.

9.  Pretend it’s the character’s birthday.  What would be on that character’s list of desired gifts? What                               presents would you choose for your character?

10.  If you were going to visit the character in your book for a week, what would you take on your trip?

11.  Write an obituary for the character.  Be sure to add life-time achievements.

12.  Find a poem or song that relates to your book.  Explain the similarities.

13.  Make a dictionary with 20 or more difficult words from the book and their definitions. 

14.  Choose the top 10 web searches your character would use if they had the internet.  Defend your                                   choices.

15.  Have an awards ceremony for the characters in your book. Create your own awards and explain why                         they have won them.

16. What would your character Twitter?  What might they blog about?  Defend your answers.

17.  Interview your favorite character from a book.  Write at least 10 questions and let your character                                  discuss their feelings about his or her role in the story.

18. Write a diary your main character might have kept during the story events.  What were your                                           characters thoughts and feelings?

19. Make several sketches from the scenes in the book and label them.

20. Dress up as one of the characters and act out a scene.

21. Write a book review of the book as it would be done for a newspaper.

22.  Pretend to be a TV or newspaper reporter and give a report of a scene from the book.

23.  Write about one of the characters lives 20 years from now.

24.  Chose five objects from the book that best illustrate the events in the book.  Explain why you chose                                these items.

25.  Pretend you are joining your character in the story.  What things will you pack to take along on your                               trip.  Why?

26. Make a bookmark with a synopsis of the book on the back.  Chose an important scene to you from                                the book for your bookmark.

27. Write a multiple choice quiz about events in the book.

28.  Chose a job for one of the characters in the book and write out a job application for him. 

29.  You are going on vacation and one of the characters in the book is going to pet-sit for you.  Which                                 character would you chose to look after your pet and why?

30.  Pick a character to have dinner with.  Plan the menu you will serve and what topics you plan to talk                                  about and explain your choices.

31.  Nominate one of your characters for office and explain why they would make a good candidate.

32.  You are going to spend the day with your favorite character.  What will the two of you do for the day                               and why?

33.  Write an outline of a sequel to the book you’ve chosen.

34.  Add your own character to the book.  Explain what their role in the book would be and give a brief                                     description of them.

35. Design a gravestone for one of the characters.

36.  Do a study on the author of your book and then read another book by the same author.  How do                                      they compare?

37.  Make a crossword puzzle using ideas from the book.  Be sure you have at least 30 entries. 

38. Make a “Wanted poster” for one of your characters.  Describe why your character is being hunted.

39.  Your character is on trial and you are prosecuting them.  What does your case look like?  What are                                    some questions you will ask of your character?

40. Create a board game based on the events in your book.  Be sure to have a rule sheet and directions                                  on how to play.  The game should mirror the book.

41. Make a diaorama of a scene from the book using a shoebox.  Explain why the scene was important to                                 you.

42. You are the tour guide of the town in which your book takes place.  Give us a preview of the tour you                                   will give, highlighting all the important spots mentioned in the book.