I am always reading books. Are you?

Here are some new books I’ve read and loved:


THE BITTER SIDE OF SWEET by Tara Sullivan - Chocolate!  What an amazing treat - but in Tara Sullivan's wonderful new novel, we learn about the very darkest side of harvesting beans for chocolate.  Amadou and Seydou have been working on a cacao farm for the better part of two years.  In an attempt to escape famine in their native country of Mali, the boys left with men who promised them work and money.  But instead, they are forced into servitude, harvesting cacao pods from sunrise to sunset and never being paid.  Beaten and locked into a shed after their days' labors, Amadou and Seydou's lives are a endless streak of bleakness.  Until the day a girl arrives on the scene.  Khadija refuses to surrender or give up on the idea of escaping their prison of a life.  Her strength and pig-headedness gives Amadou the courage to finally make an attempt to save not just him, but his brother and Khadijia herself.  Their harrowing journey makes for an incredible read.


THE GIRL WHO COULD NOT DREAM by Sarah Beth Durst - Imagine if night after night, you never dreamt.  But your parents collected others' dreams and soldl them to those who are in need of them.  Now add in an evil man and a group who wants to shut your parent's store down and the disappearance of your parents themselves and you have a rollickingly good story with lots of heroic turns and breath-holding moments.  Funny and creative and scary all at the same time, this book is just the thing to curl up with on a summer's day!


THE GIRL IN THE WELL IS ME by Karen Rivers - In an attempt to fit in with the popular girls at her new school, Cammie Summers falls through a rotten board and finds herself wedged into an abandoned well.  Abandoned by the very girls she thought were going to be her friends, Cammie spends her hours in the dark ruminating on her life and and the truths of living.  Her courage and keen insights make this book one that is hard to put down. 







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